Spiritual direction clarifies what gets in the way of being authentic and responsive to God with our deepest Self. It strengthens our awareness of God and our relationship with others, and deepest Self.

Spiritual direction assists us in developing spiritual disciplines. It includes all the feelings, experiences desires and relationships we have in our ordinary life.

It helps us notice God's presence in all situations and relationships, those most difficult and those most life giving. It helps us develop discernment of how to make the best choices in difficult decisions and choices.

Spiritual direction will help you release what is stuck, toxic, negative, and dysfunctional and help you deepen your compassion, experience forgiveness, and embody hope.

Spiritual direction is a supportive companioning within your own faith tradition.

Ingrid Bloom is a trained spiritual director through the Certificate in the Art of Spiritual Direction Program at San Francisco Theoloqical Seminary. She also holds a Masters of Religlous Studies ftom United Theologlcal Seminary of the Twin Cities and a Masters of Divinity Degree. She has served as a pastor for over 10 years before returninq to her work as a counselor and spiritual director.

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