Developing new roles and career goals

Explore the major transformations of your life

Determining your vocation and purpose

Determining and developing your strengths and gifts, dreams, and priorities

Developing a spiritual attitude and practice

Applying balance, harmony and spirituality to relationships and work tasks

Understanding your inner self

Becoming proactive, mindfulness, and intentional instead of reactive

A Jungian approach to understanding your Self and dreams

Applying the Enneagram to understand yourself and others

Deepening leadership skills/ Developing creativity

Developing a healthy community and support systems

Understanding systems and interpersonal dynamics in the workpiace or in relationships

Conflict management

Developing strategies for changing non productive and non enhancing behaviors and patterns

How to network/ Career transition

Understanding stress and effective responses

Defining boundaries and limits

Making a difference for social justice

Understanding and working through grief

Understanding the many levels of communication and deepening your ability to hear what's under the surface

Understanding archetypes: motheróchild; father, wiseone

Using meditation, joumnaling, and guided imagery for persoral growth

Using art, movement, meditation or dreamwork to care for yourself, and be mindful of your environment

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